Dear, Mrs. Purwanti


Hello mom,

How are you ?

With best wishes.

I am writing this letter to express my complaint to you mom. The complaint relates to the subjects in English is difficult for me to understand. It is difficult it lies in the English vocabulary that can’t be easily memorized and I am not much of the vocabulary in English.

From grade 10 high school to grade 12 high school so I have not mastered the English language vocabulary which makes me a little hard to understand with good English language lessons. So far I’ve tried the more diligently trying to learn more about subjects English vocabulary so that I would understand it more and more. But until now I have not been getting the results. I actually liked the English lessons, but since I do not really master the vocabulary, I studied hard to learn English. I’m annoyed with it.

I hope would provide the right solution to solve my problem.

Thank you mom,


By : Olfera Dilafianti XII IPS 2


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